Blocks & infos

Default block

Block title

This is a default block, with very simple markup. It can take anything as content, with or without padding.

Colored title

Of course, it may use any of the 9 colors sets as anything else...

With controls

... and also embed any element you need, such as buttons.

Details blocks

Detail summary

Details look pretty much like blocks, but they may be closed or opened simply by clicking on the title.

They use the HTML5 <details> element, with polyfill support for older browsers.


First section

First section content

The accordion plugin may also equalize the sections' height, just by adding a class - as for this example.

Give it a try!

Second section
Second section content
Third section
Third section content

Ribbons & counts

Standard 2 Colored 2 Long number 255 On hover 2

Hey! This block has a ribbon.

Hey! Color can be customized at will.

Hey! And here's a tiny one!

Lists styles

  • With arrow right
  • With arrow left
  • 3With count
  • 3With both
  • With grey arrow
  • With black arrow